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Central Java - Yogyakarta Tour

A WebQuest for Adult, Intermediate, Students of English

as a Foreign/Second Language (EFL/ESL)


Created by Rohani


Introduction  Task  Process Evaluation Conclusion

Acknowledgment Teachers’ Notes






Indonesia is a country rich of tourist objects. Bali has been the main destination for tourists visiting this country. Indeed Bali is a beautiful island and has lots of cultural events to see. It also has well developed tourism infrastructure. Central Java and Yogyakarta are also beautiful and have many tourist attractions. The two provinces, however, have not attracted as many tourists as Bali. It may be because the tourism potentials of the provinces have not yet been seriously promoted.





You are working in the Marketing Department of ‘Java Tour’ a travel agent offering tour services around Central Java and Yogyakarta. This company is based in Semarang, the capital city of Central Java. You are assigned to plan a 6 day tour package that is competitive and hard to be beaten by your competitors. In principle, the package should offer extensive tour to places of interest and cultural events. It should also offer the best accommodation, food and transportation at the lowest rate possible.


1)      Create a brochure about your tour package, to be made available for the customers. The main information to be included in the brochure is: visa information, transport, accommodation and food, places/events to visit, and souvenir. You can also include additional services of your own choice to add the value of your package. Describe in detail the itinerary from day 1 to day 6. The brochure should not exceed 6 pages of A4 paper.


2)      Present your package plan to the board of directors (the class). In the presentation, you have to explain in detail the cost of the package, the profit the company can make and other issues related to the service. The presentation should be from 15 to 20 minutes.





  • You will be working in a group of three. Search the information from websites the links of which are provided below. As you search the web pages, note down important information that you need for your brochure.


  • Discuss and decide the kinds of transport, accommodation and food, places/events to visit, and souvenir that you want to offer in your tour package. Bear in mind that you should keep your package competitive: low price but good quality.





Indonesian embassies world-wide







Accommodation and Food



More list of hotels in Semarang and Solo:


Comprehensive list of hotels and other accommodations in Yogyakarta:



Places of Interest, Cultural Events & Souvenir


A wide range of information from places of interest to calendar of events in Central Java can be found at the official site of:

The Department of Tourism of Central Java


More information of places of interest around Central Java:


Brief descriptions of places of interest around Central Java:


Descriptions of many temples:


Comprehensive information about places of interest, hotels, restaurants, and souvenir shops in Yogyakarta:




Complete tourism information of Yogyakarta, Solo, Semarang and their surroundings:


Calendar of events in Yogyakarta Palace:

Information about souvenir, craft, art gallery, etc.:



  • Now, you can arrange the information you have gathered, and start writing up your brochure.
  • After the brochure is ready, prepare for the presentation. The following resources would be useful to guide you to plan an effective presentation:


Practise several times so that your group’s presentation would be effective. Pay attention to the time limit.





1.      The brochure (total: 60 points)





Clarity (20 points)


Concise choice of vocabulary and sentence structures

Accuracy (20 points)


Correct information based on the information at the suggested websites

Presentation (20 points)


Interesting layout with effective pictures and illustration to enhance  clarity and attractiveness



2.      The oral presentation (total: 40 points)





Pronunciation (10 points)


Intelligible pronunciation with accurate stress and intonation

Fluency  (10 points)


Smooth flow of ideas from opening, body, and closure of the presentation

Body language (10 points)


Effective use of body language to enhance the attention from the audience

Use of visual aid (10 points)


Effective use of visual aids to improve the clarity of the presentation









You are now ready to offer your tour package. The next thing to think about is how the information of your offer can be accessed by prospective visitors. That would be your next task though. For now, you can celebrate your success in this project.





I would like to thank to the owners or copyright holders of the following websites from which the resources of this webquest are cited:




Bouraq Airline


Ciputra, Semarang

Classical Javanese Gamelan


Garuda Indonesia

Grand Candi, Semarang

Hyatt Regency, Yogyakarta

Indonesian embassies world-wide



Lor In, Solo

Mandala Airline

Merpati Nusantara


Novotel, Solo

Novotel, Yogyakarta

Patra Jasa, Semarang

Pelita Air


Puri Artha, Yogyakarta

Quality, Solo

The Department of Tourism of Central Java