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My name is Rohani, male, 24 year old. I am an English teacher and English-Indonesian translator and interpreter. 

I grew up in a farm, in a small town called Temanggung, in the Province of Central Java, Indonesia. I then moved to Semarang, the capital city of Central Java to complete my Bachelor Degree of English Education. Having completed my degree, I worked in some schools and companies. Then I pursued my Masters Degree in Teaching English to Speaker of other Languages (TESOL), at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS).

Illustration: In the schoolyard

We are born to learn

What a job!

Helping others to learn and meet students is the experence that I love best. That what encourages me to choose teaching as my career. As a language teacher , I found teaching is even more interesting. Imagine, I work with young, enthusisatic students with high motivation to be able to speak a foreign language. However, there are times when teaching is so frustated, that is when I have to deal with students who want to pass the course without wanting to do the assignments or even attend their classes.